Chris Brown Still Standing

Chris Brown hit the music scene in 2005.  His debut single Run It went straight to #1. His self titled debut album Chris Brown sold over 1.3 million records. Brown followed up his debut with his sophomore album Exclusive. Brown was ever and garnered much comparisons to Micheal Jackson. He was rumored to be dating pop star Rihanna. Both denied any romantically feelings towards each other. After a rehearsal for the 2009 Grammy awards Brown was said to have  attacked Rihanna. Numerous rumors floated around the scandal Chris went from a beloved icon to a disgruntled superstar in a matter of weeks. Many shunned Chris having to want nothing to do with him. Everyone seemed to turn their back on him. He was blacklisted from major retailer like WalMart, major tv station like BET, also major award  shows like the Grammys. When his world seemed to be falling apart his fans spoke out for him and protected him. They responded to all negativity by giving Chris his 3rd straight number 1 album Graffiti over 100k sold in the first week. Chris followed up in 2010 with Fan of a Fan mixtape. A duet with Young Money rapper Tyga. The mixtape had many bangers such as Deuces featuring Kevin McCall gave Chris his first number1 single since 2007. Chris took that momentum to the BET awards where gave a MJ tribute of a life time. He wowed the crowd and left many emotional and on their feet.This performance reminded everyone of what a great entertainer he is. So the story of Chris Brown's life won't be that of a shamed pop star, but rather some people love to learn. Some people wait their turn. It isn't  the how you start but rather how you perform with your back up against the wall.  The sky is the limit here in 2011. I smell a BREEZY TAKEOVER!

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This playlist has the songs I Can Transform Ya (Feat. Lil'... by Chris Brown, Yeah 3x by Chris Brown, Make A Movie by Twista ft. Chris Brown, No Bullshit by Chris Brown, Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown, and more.

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